Our Values

If we ask you to remain calm in the face of your concerns at all times and to place your trust in us, it’s because we’re very committed to three (3) values and rely on them to build the leadership of our name, to perpetuate the professionalism of our vision and the excellence of our daily practices, and to guarantee the security and protection of your business over the long term.

  • Professionalism

At Lextractiv international, we don’t do amateurism. First and foremost, we rely on our professionalism to guarantee the excellence and performance of our daily services. Our professionalism enables us not only to satisfy you effectively (we solve all your problems) but also efficiently (we solve all your problems in the best conditions in terms of time, cost and suitability to your personal or organizational situation). All this simply because we are professionals and master all the professional codes of the extractivatorium communautaris (extractivesector). Not only do we put our seasoned experts at your disposal, but we assign to each of your concerns, the most experienced professionals on your problem to solve. The firm has adopted a charter of good conduct to ensure irreproachable ethics.To reinforce its professionalism, the firm has adopted strategic management documents including: the administrative, financial and accounting procedures manual (MPA), the organizational framework (organization chart and job descriptions), the graphic charter and a code or charter of ethics and good conduct. The ethics charter can be consulted at this link. It includes politeness and courtesy, respect for others, punctuality and respect for deadlines, competence, honesty, reliability of data and rigor in the handling of our files. This also implies that we submit to the obligation of means in our contract of trust and performance with you.

  • Privacy

In the age of cyber-attacks, the Internet and Big Data, the issue of confidentiality and protection of a company’s or organization’s strategic data is becoming increasingly important. Imposed by various EU regulations (the example of the European Directive of June 8, 2016) or national regulations, any consulting company, its managers and staff, including its occasional consultants must submit to the obligation of confidentiality and business secrecy. With Lextractiv international, you can rest easy. We ensure the protection of your business and the confidentiality of your data. If we offer our customers our expertise in the engineering of confidentiality and business secret agreements, as well as confidentiality policies, it’s because we ourselves fully appreciate the scope of this value/quality in our day-to-day activities with you. We also maintain the confidentiality of any personal information you provide to us or that we collect on our site. See our our privacy policy.

  • Durability

To ensure that the firm’s values are themselves enduring, sustainability is a key value for the firm to maintain at the top. It is the foundation on which the firm’s vision is built. The firm’s aim is to raise awareness of sustainable development, so that its precepts become management standards and performance measurement tools. But the question is: what is sustainable development, what is its purpose and how do we recognize it?

Following on from the 1987 Brundtland Report, we see sustainability as the duty to strike a balance between present and future generations in the consumption of natural capital. This duty allows us to perpetuate our resources in time and space: it’s the idea of duration. It’s the ability to balance social sustainability, economic sustainability and environmental sustainability. But sustainability also means ensuring the sustainability of this natural capital.

In order to establish its international presence over the long term, the firm has made inter-culturality one of the sustainability criteria for the success of its assignments in Africa and around the world, because, according to the firm, inter-culturality is consubstantial with resilience. For more information on sustainability as a firm value, please see our attached document:Sustainability, our cardinal value.