You are a plaintiff or defendant in a case concerning the extractive industries or related industries; you are an individual or a legal entity, a private or public, international, regional or national organization, a multinational or simply a private or public company, a financial backer; your business is experiencing setbacks, due to a misunderstanding, an event beyond your control causing a dispute with your customer, your partner, the State or any other public or private body, your bank or other financial backer? Is there a problem interpreting one or more clauses in your contract? Are you unable to meet your contractual obligations due to force majeure? Are indigenous or neighboring populations blocking the continuation of your mining or related project? Are you being taken to court in connection with your business? Do you have a business dispute, whatever the cause?

Don’t worry, Lextractiv Litigation has you covered! The leadership of our name, the professionalism of our vision and the excellence of our practices and experience in extractive dispute resolution in Africa and around the world have your back.

Thanks to our extensive international network of 199 experts made up of senior lawyers and business attorneys, familiar with the extractive industries sector in Africa and around the world, we know all there is to know about settling disputes in this sector.nternational , regional, transnational or national alternative dispute resolution methods for investment contracts, or the traditional methods of settlement before the courts.