Law firms, extractive companies, public administrations, civil society players, academics and students, parliamentarians and local elected officials; Are you interested in or involved in the promotion or governance of the extractive industries(EI)? Do you need to improve your skills in one or more specific areas of extraction or energy? Particularly in terms of quality management? Would you like to combine your professional activities with your professional development? Stay calm. If the world is changing, Lextractiv E.Learning can keep pace and anticipate your needs. Lextractiv E.Learning is the world’s leading provider of continuing professional training in law and quality management for the extractive industries, helping you to become certified professionals.

Benefit from the expertise of our trainers, who are seasoned professionals on the topics covered by our training courses, and network with other practicing learners from other regions who share their experiences. Sharing experience is the best way to identify best practices in a field.

We offer you capacity building or capacity building, i.e. short-term training courses in the form of international ISO certifications or qualifying training courses leading to certificates or attestations of participation in seminars, workshops and pilot conferences, as well as colloquia and symposia.

We offer three types of training: à la carte, spontaneous and customized.

These are ongoing or executive training courses, innovative and specifically adapted to professionals or jobseekers in terms of knowledge, know-how, skills and qualifications. These small-group courses enable them to continue their training, adapt to new working methods and specialize with a view to promotion or retraining.

Candidates are selected on the basis of their applications. You must have a baccalaureate + 3 years or significant professional experience. Application procedures, dates and training fees are specified on the data sheet for each course below. Registration is free, but training costs depend on whether candidates are self-financing or have their training paid for by their employers.

We also collaborate with academic institutions such as William Booth University in Kinshasa, DRC, Université Paris Saclay in France, North Eastern Federal University of Yakuts (NEFU) in Russia, Université de Douala in Cameroon, PECB University in Washington DC, USA, to organize and promote training in this field.

Our mission in this area is aligned with the objectives of the PECB. We want to enable professionals to demonstrate their commitment and competence through our training offerings, and a high-value assessment against rigorous, internationally recognized standards. Our aim is to provide our customers with comprehensive services that reflect their trust, enable continuous process improvement and benefit society as a whole.

You must have been selected for one of our courses after submitting your application. In this case, the training committee will send you an e-mail to your customer account with the admission notification and a link to the 2023 registration file.

Candidates registering for a training course in partnership with PECB must first register on the dedicated website .

Candidates registering for the UWB and UPS CDMIEs can follow the registration process on the UWB website by clicking on this link, or register directly on our Lextractiv E.Learning platform on this link.

Because we take your flexibility, diversity and constraints into account, our training courses come in three formats. They can take place in a virtual classroom via webinars (videoconferencing) on our digital e-learning platform, face-to-face (on our own premises or those of our partners) or in a co-modal format (hybrid – both face-to-face and videoconferencing – thanks to our cutting-edge technology). But our training courses are mainly digitalized to take into account the constraints of professionals.