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Your consultancy in the extractive industries in Africa and worldwide.

Lextractiv International is an independent research and consulting firm specializing in the extractive industries (mining, oil and gas). It is a company offering its services and products both on site and online(LegalTech). Nevertheless, it remains primarily a digital economy company. Endowed with a corporate foundation, it operates in six integrated businesses(Consulting; Research; Publishing; Training and Certification; Audits; Litigation) and contributes to sustainable development, economic, ecological and energy transition, as well as international solidarity. On site, we have an office in Cameroon and branches abroad, including :

Offices in America: CANADA and USA ;
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Offices in Eurasia: RUSSIA and TURKEY.
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European office: FRANCE
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Asian office: CHINA
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INTEGRATED PROFESSIONS: Research; Publishing; Training and certification; Audits; Research and consulting; Litigation
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Areas of activity

Main activity: scientific and professional research

Our firm makes scientific and professional research its main activity, which gives rise to publications in a journal hosted and co-edited by the firm To do this, the firm relies on sponsors or financiers who may be public (government, administration, public company) or from the social economy (NGOs, foundations, etc.) via contracts of various kinds in return for the provision of intellectual services. The firm also participates in, organises or co-organises international conferences or regional or local workshops, business dinners related to extractive industry issues, formal or informal consultations with stakeholders around the world. The firm follows the recommendations of the final report of the EIR published on 15 January 2004, and conducts, on its own initiative or in response to calls for tender, study projects as part of the review. It also visits sites intended to host extractive industry projects. The firm also follows the World Bank's operation in partnership with the African Union, called "the $1 billion map for African mineral resources", headed by Paulo Desa (Mining, Oil and Gas Unit at the World Bank).

Secondary activity: trade in intellectual services

The firm's secondary activity is trading in intellectual services. It carries out studies, scoping notes, advice-recommendations with implementation elements, capacity building, lobbying, auditing, compliance, certification, company representation/sales agent. Our work is close to the operational side of companies or administrations that we help to solve a problem with professionalism and confidentiality The firm can propose missions in various forms or responses to calls for tender.

Target audience

The firm’s activities are primarily directed at the various stakeholders in the extractive sector. These include governments, multinational extractive companies, major law firms and other extractive experts, major NGOs in the field, international financial institutions such as the IMF and the World Bank, the UN, the EBRD, the EIB and export credit agencies, public and private research institutions and foundations, indigenous peoples’ organisations, affected communities and community-based organisations, and extractive sector trade unions.

Originality and innovation

Unlike traditional consultancies, Lextractiv International makes the general interest of scientific and professional research its core business, through the production of a bi-annual journal dedicated to the extractive sector The firm is thus a meeting place for intellectual producers for the benefit of society as a whole.

Its commercial activity linked to studies, consultancy and capacity building is simply the smallest part of its office.

Meet our team

Mme Frankline Nouya Bakabo

Country Manager

Ms Priclila Martheline Mbu

Lawyer/Prof. Jean-Pierre Desideri

Mr David Kamgang

Webmaster, Head of IT Solutions and LextPay

Ms Ngo Bell Marie

Administrative, financial and accounting manager

Mrs Hornella Mbokou

Marketing (+ digital) and public relations manager

Mr Anicet Ebode

The Statutory Auditor

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