Litigation before the judge

Finally, it is possible that your disputes will be referred to the traditional state courts by your business partner, a third party or the government that awarded you the mining titles, so that the judicial judge (civil, commercial, labor or criminal) and/or the administrative judge can rule on the law.

You may be right on the merits of your dispute, but you’re risking a lot for your business if you don’t have the right support when it comes to legal procedures. We can provide you with one or two lawyers (depending on the type of dispute) with a thorough understanding of the extractive sector in the country where you are doing business, to monitor and defend your interests in proceedings before the traditional courts, in strict compliance with procedures.

And more specifically, to reinforce our strategy of defending your interests, we add to our lawyer(s) assigned to your case an expert in administrative law and a doctorate in mining and petroleum law, because of the specific features of extractive law, which is also fully a police law, and which is characterized by the introduction in mining and petroleum codes in several countries of quasi-repressive procedures in extractive law. Our cutting-edge expertise will help you build up your defense briefs, and contribute to a better follow-up and defense of your contentious case.

Save time and improve efficiency, make us your agent for your extractive or related legal proceedings, so that we can provide you with solutions best suited to your organization’s or company’s situation. Do you already have a customer account with us? If not, you can register here. If yes, please download, complete and return to us the attached formPlease let us know if you would like to make use of Lextractiv international’s legal assistance in legal disputes by provision contract (annual, quarterly, monthly) or if you prefer the more economical intermediate solution of obtaining a promo code project by project.