Coordination team


Publishing Director

Lamine Himbé

Doctorate in international business law and extractive industries governance, lecturer at Université Paris Saclay and Sciences po de Lille, Co-coordinator of the Certificat universitaire droit et management des industries extractives at Université William Booth in Kinshasa-RDC.



Lamine Himbé
Christine Lapointe, PhD in extractive law, in-house counsel, France.
Dominique Langlois, social anthropologist, Coordinator of the Groupe de recherche sur les territoires de l’extractivisme (GRITE), University of Ottawa, Canada.

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee (Editorial Board or Reading Committee) is RELEXT’s highest scientific body, responsible for ensuring that contributions comply with RELEXT’s editorial policy and structure, the added value and importance of contributions, and ethical and quality standards. As such, it is responsible for the call for contributions and the peer review (selection of articles for the journal or book projects for the collection) in accordance with the RELEXT criteria detailed in the Ethical and quality rules section below. You can consult the summary evaluation sheet called RELEXT Peer Review Guide, here. The reading committee is made up of experts from both sides of the extractive sector (academics and professionals), divided into two sections: law-sciences po and economics-management-sociology.

Chairman: Prof Gilles Lhuilier (Director of the Globalization of Law program at the Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme Paris-France, President of the International Society of Extractive Law)
  1. Guy Rossatanga-Rignault (University of Omar Bongo, Gabon);
  2. Ivanova Tatiana Spartakovna (North Eastern Federal University) ;
  3. Pierre Renaud (Lawyer McCathy Montreal-Canada) ;
  4. Achille Ngwanza (Just Africa Paris, France);
  5. Martin Dumas (Laval University, Canada) ;
  6. Tatiana Ivanova (North Eastern Federal University);
  7. Jean-Paul Markus (Université Paris Saclay)
  8. Bernard-Raymond Guimdo, (Yaoundé 2 University);
  9. Ivan Tchotourian (Laval University)

Chairman: Prof Corinne Gendron (UQM-Canada)


  1. Bamamen Bisil Hyacinthe Eric (PWYP Central Africa)
  2. Gustav Kalm, (University of Columbia, USA);
  3. Isaac Tamba (General Manager, Cameroon Economy);
  4. Hervé Lado (Natural Resources Governance);
  5. Isabella Borissova, (North Eastern Federal University)
  6. Seni Ouedraego (Thomas Sankara University)
  7. Jean Claude Ngnintedem, (University of Ngaoundéré) ;
  8. Dominique Langlois (University of Ottawa);
  9. Mamoudou Niane, Professor in Senegal
  10. Nogovitsyn Roman Romanovtch (North Eastern Federal University)

Editorial secretariat

  1. Enangue Vinceline (Senior Editor, E.LEXT);
  2. Allair Rosie Magwo (E.LEXT editor)
  3. John Meafo (main translator E.LEXT) ;
  4. Martheline Mbu (E.LEXT translator) ;
  5. Françoise Bissek (professional secretary) ;
  6. Sarah Boston (professional secretary)