Hosting your training

You are a training organization or an individual; you already have your own training course but you don’t have the logistical resources? Stay calm! Lextractiv E.Learning supports you by providing you with our on-site conference room (for your face-to-face training) and/or our virtual conference room (for your online training) with all its latest-generation equipment (our E.learning platform, blended and face-to-face, equipped with professional and automatic cameras, etc.).
If you host your classroom-based training with us, you give your learners access to fully-equipped classrooms on our premises or those of our partners, a teaching kit, coffee and lunch breaks, relaxation areas, and free photos and videos.
If you host your virtual training at Lextractiv Learning, we offer you the free services of our digital payment platform Lextractiv PayTech to manage your registrations, and we’ll support you throughout the entire process.
Host with us, because our platform is a corporate learning management system (LMS), not a school or university one; we’re more flexible and dynamic, especially when it comes to frequent content updates. Easy to use, our platform has all the basic features of an LMS, and easily combines support for e-commerce. Featuring powerful authoring capabilities, it automates scoring, statistics processing and report generation. Our value for money makes Lextractiv E.Learning one of the best online training platforms. So why look far for what you have in your hands?
Save time! Book our virtual or physical conference room using the attached form.