Welcome to the Lextractiv international career page. Would you like to join us? Now that’s good news! We look forward to welcoming you if you share our vision, our values and our internal code of conduct.

We are fully committed to inclusion and diversity in the recruitment and employability of our staff. We offer job opportunities in our Cameroon office or in our foreign branches.

Because we’re all about inclusion, we think particularly of students and people with little professional experience, and offer them opportunities to build their own professional network in addition to the know-how they’ll acquire, by granting them internship opportunities at the firm or in our branches.

Fully committed to corporate social responsibility and pro borno actions, we engage in a wide range of sponsorship activities and welcome the support of our volunteers. Like us, like your predecessors, become heroes by getting involved with Lextractiv international, even on a voluntary basis. You’ll find a serene atmosphere ideal for personal development. The career process is completely free of charge with us. Two clicks and you’re there.

If you’ve decided to make a commitment to us, and especially to our objectives, please consult and apply for our job, volunteer or internship offers, as appropriate, at this link: Lextractiv international offers.